Dance Club Denver

Think you know about every dance club Denver? If you and your friends have never experienced a night at Diamond After Dark, you haven't a clue how fabulous Colorado nightlife can actually be. Our girls are gorgeous, healthy and quite willing to sell you a private dance in a VIP environment.

Almost everyone likes to dance. Those who don't surely enjoy watching beautiful women shake a tail feather, as they said back in the day. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, you can spend hours and hours watching gorgeous grown girls perform in a most tantalizing fashion. Other nights of the week, Diamond After Dark hosts private parties. If that's something that appeals to you, see our calendar of events and book the available night or nights that you wish to reserve. Not every dance club Denver allows eighteen year olds to enter; Diamond After Dark does, but we can't serve alcohol to them. Every other fine entertainment is legal, though, so grab your best buds and come on down to Diamond After Dark and stay 'til 4AM, if you like.

Are you a great dancer who's had it to here (imagine) with the typical Colfax strip club scene? We certainly don't blame you for that. If you'd like to dance in a safe, healthy and entirely erotic dance club Denver, please visit Diamond After Dark during public hours and have a chat with a Director. 1222 Glenarm Place near the intersection of Broadway and Colfax. If you'd like to dance in a safe, healthy environment, please drop by during public hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from nine o'clock to four o'clock and speak with a Director. We're always interested in hiring new dancers, and it can be a great way to make good money while going to college in Colorado.

Diamond After Dark


1222 Glenarm Place, Denver, CO 80204